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The human microbiota is made of trillions of viruses, fungi & other microorganisms, & is essentially the bacterial ecosystem living within our bodies, mostly within our gut.

Each of us has 10 times more microorganisms than human cells, which make up about 3 percent of our total body mass, or about 6 pounds of every 200-pound adult!

Imbalances in human gut flora have been strongly linked to lowered immunity, depression, obesity, heart disease, all digestive disorders, as well as autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease & multiple sclerosis.

For more than 100 years, scientists have recognized that bacteria in the gut are constantly communicating with neurons in the brain, earning the microbiome the nickname, “the second brain”.

Why Do We Treat Them So Badly When All They Want To Do Is Help?

Not only do a majority of the microbiota in & on us not sicken us, but they are actually beneficial & essential to our physical health, normal bodily functions, & metal wellbeing, playing numerous essential roles, such as: nutrient absorption, vitamin D production (when they’re stimulated to produce it in our skin by sunlight), & keeping harmful microbes from the environment & our food in check.

Current levels of stress, the Western diet, & modern lifestyles don’t bode well for our gut microbes.  A single dose of an antibiotic, not being breastfed, being born via a C-section, or even using our cell phones & eating conventional grocery store produce all have serious, life-long detrimental ramifications to our microbial health unless they are quickly & properly addressed as early on as possible.

Where Does My Big Organ Start?

If you think about it, your intestinal walls are the same surface as your skin; a microbe could skate their way in from our skin, & follow the same surface all the way through the gut & out the butt end.

That makes our gut microbiome also responsible for all body odor, farts, & bad breath.  Basically any way that you can stink, it is only because you aren’t as harmonious as you could be with your gut microbiome.

Current System Relies on College Kids to Eat Perfectly for Months Straight

There are literally thousands of people every month getting someone else’s poop up their butt to save their life.  If I was in dire need to re-seed my entire 30 foot (10 meter) long digestive track, I would want to make sure that I used the best starter culture I could find, since whatever it is, will flourish inside me & become 3% of my body & the foundation of my immune system.

I would never knowingly allow me or any loved one to be in a position where they we’re stuck getting some college kid’s drunken poop for their FMT, just because 89 days ago they produced a poop that was “passable” in their dorm, as clinics use these post-secondary populations as their main donor stool pool & they are only tested once every 90 days.

How well did you eat in college, when most are making their own food choices for the very first time?…

Cheap Health Insurance There When You Need It

Don’t let your FMT, or the FMT of a loved one, be left up to chance.  Get this cheap health insurance, that will last you decades, sitting on a shelf, there just in case you or any one you know needs an FMT; after an unexpected caesarian birth; or serious illness, accident or injury requiring antibiotics.

The administration window is very short.  The ideal FMT window is 36 – 48 hours after finishing a round of antibiotics, or as soon as possible after a C-sectioned infant’s first breath.

Easiest Administration Method Possible

These easy-to-take, oral FMT capsules (aka. probiotic “poop pills”) are guaranteed the highest quality that you can buy for sale online, since they come from one of the world’s ONLY true super donor’s extremely healthy fecal stool donations that have been 100% naturally preserved & freeze dried.

This FMT probiotic will test amazingly potent today, & for decades to come!  Mailed to you & easily self-administered in the privacy of your own home to treat the growing list of conditions that benefit immensely from a healthy gut.

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