If Farts, Breath, or Pits Can Stink, Then We’re Not Healthy

There’s a direct connection between how quickly people start to stink after bathing, washing or brushing body parts, & overall health & life expectancy.

Modern medicine has no interest in keeping us healthy by promoting disease prevention.  So, you may not have heard much about some recently discovered, very rare bipedal primates that seem to have evolved into a new, super healthy type of human, or at least their guts have.

To try & learn a little about these scarce super gut hominids who no longer produce foul odors, even if they don’t bathe or brush their teeth.

They also never get sick, can’t be overweight, & look much younger than their chronological age, so there must be something here…

What Is Healthy?

These golden gutted guys & gals share the belief that if a person can get ill, no matter how mild (apart from food or environmental poisoning), then not only is that person not healthy, but they haven’t been for at least several years.

And, they will not be healthy for at least several more years, & that’s only if they eat perfectly throughout that entire recovery period, & from then on.

If you don’t accept their strict definition, even today’s very lenient & accepting medical definitions state that only 12% of us are healthy.

The Super Healthy Share Traits

Stenchless sapiens have the following things in common:

  • They don’t have allergies
  • Their breath, farts, & pits never stink
  • They never get sick, from either genetic or microbial causes
  • They eat only organic or homegrown food
  • They’ve eaten only raw food for at least 10 years
  • They eat only whole foods
  • They eat very little or no animal product
  • They eat very little or no sweet fruit
  • They eat very little or no bread, cereal, or grains
  • They eat no gluten
  • They regularly eat fermented or sprouted food
  • They drink no beverage except water (+ some of them herbal tea)
  • They rarely burp
  • They rarely if ever travel
  • They don’t eat within several hours of waking or sleeping
  • They sit a lot less than average
  • They meditate
  • They have no excess body weight
  • They don’t apply cosmetics, creams or lotions
  • They don’t apply chemical products on their hair or scalp
  • They’re aging at a much slower rate
  • They do not require eyeglasses
  • They never visit a doctor (unless involved in an accident)
  • They never visit a dentist (unless involved in an accident + some of them have previous dental work that requires upkeep)
Can You See Your Fat, or Is It Inside?

Almost without exception when asked these days, everybody blurts out in a knee-jerk fashion that they’re healthy; that they eat pretty healthy; that they never get sick― even if they happen to be sick at the time, or recently had a large brain tumor successfully removed (actually said to me!).

The majority of Westerners today suffer from diseases of the obese, since well over half of us are diabetic, pre-diabetic, overweight, obese, or TOFI (Thin Outside, Fat Inside).

Whether distributed into patterns that we call obesity or TOFI, the fact that most of us have a lot of excess fat packed around our organs, stresses & compromises their normal function, further adding to fragrant discharges.

Organs that have to chronically compensate their function produce smelly by-products, with the easiest cleanup method to sweep them out the breath, skin, digestive & urinary tracks.

What & How Well You Chew Equals You

To date, these stinkless healthy hominids aren’t born that way.  Their super health seems to be completely due to unwavering dietary dedication, rather than genetics or childhood health.

Most members of this sparse group seem to have been self-fashioned from a health crisis, often their own or else someone very close to them, & usually occurring in the earlier half of their life.

Physically we are every bite of food combined with how well we masticate, plus how efficiently our gut bacteria help assimilate nutrients.  Chewed food becomes & stimulates our immune system & our every mood, impacting every decision, & producing patterns of behavior.  In other words, what & how well we chew makes us think & act as we do.

Every swallow that isn’t ideal & well chewed, taxes the body’s systems, preventing them from working efficiently, & adding another brick in our odoriferous wall.

Scentless Toots Sooth the Savage Beast

Eating 24/7 healthy for decades without any cheats does have other, more outside the box health benefits as well, especially with the health of our intimate & habitational relationships.

Without getting into the complexity of kinder, more peaceful behavioral expressions when not eating poorly, odorless farts― as opposed to stinky― improve & calm any relationship, especially when you live together.

Ever notice that our face in response to smelling a stinky fart, from even their most beloved, is the same angry, wrinkled nose & irritated eyes that we do when we’re really pissed off at someone?

Bad Body Bouquet Exception

There’s apparently only one way for a truly healthy person to produce body odor: by physically exerting ourselves while wearing fabrics that don’t allow skin to breathe.

Then, their usually scentless bodies will secrete a sour stress smell from the “bad” anaerobic microbes that have been encouraged to flourish, while the friendly, protective microscopic troops are suffocated.

But even then, the smell just goes away without washing as soon as their skin microbiome can breathe again.

*Yes, super healthy poop does have a slight smell, & no it’s not roses― unless you just organically fertilized the flower bed earlier with a mild sauerkraut & vinegar solution.  There are no purification odors possible from such a consistent, raw, vegan diet & fully cleaned out intestinal track, hence there’s no foul when gases pass.

Antibiotics & C-Sections Need Microbial Re-Seeding

Millions of people every month unknowingly “reek” havoc on their inner ecosystem, by taking an often necessary antibiotic, without rebuilding their microbiome back up immediately.  This can only lead to health problems & a recurring stink that no one wants!

FMT capsules (aka. probiotic “poop pills”) are the only microbiome replacement made from a stinkless sapiens super donor.

Otherwise, the average administration method today for a much lesser FMT, is to visit a hospital or clinic multiple times, to get multiple cold salted poop slurries from a bevy of young people (with typical, smelly farts), “deposited” into your colon using a large― & hopefully very clean― reusable steel instrument.

Then, you hope & pray that the microbes crawl upwards, against the current, while lying on your side to “retain” the donation as long as you can.

Now how do these odorless, freeze dried FMT capsules that can be taken in the privacy of your own home with just a glass of water sound, hmm??  😛

This relatively inexpensive, valuable health insurance will last you decades, there just in case anyone you know needs a microbial transplant because of a caesarian birth, or illness, accident, or injury requiring antibiotics.

A Few Grams Turns Into 3% of Our Entire Body!

Use the best starter culture that you can find, since whatever you choose (or worse, whatever you don’t choose!) will flourish within you, literally becoming 3% of your entire body, as well as the foundation of your hopefully new & improved immune system.

This FMT probiotic will test amazingly potent today, & for decades to come!  Mailed to you & easily self-administered in the privacy of your own home to treat the growing list of conditions that immensely benefit from a healthy gut.

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