Natural Probiotic FMT Treatment for C. difficile Infections

There are some things that modern medicine excels at, like treating car accident victims.  However, providing people a disease curing & preventing gut microbiome is not something for which surgery, drugs & doctors were made.

Naturally restoring our inner microbiome after antibiotic treatment to prevent further disease & hospital acquired infections, is the antithesis of modern medicine; it cures rather than treats symptoms, would save billions rather than cost billions, & healthy donors can’t be patented.

Most often, it takes years & tens of thousands of dollars before chronic disease sufferers accidentally come across the ancient fecal microbial transplant cure (FMT) while doing their own research.

Microbes Are More Me Than I?

Our gastrointestinal system is a symbiotic home for 100 trillion microorganisms whose collective genetic diversity dwarf the entire human genome by a hundred-fold.

In case you haven’t heard, the 30 foot (10 meter) twisty tube running throughout our body is lastly a poop shoot; primarily it’s actually a very complex & sophisticated barrier & absorption system.

The human gut teems with bacteria, viruses, & fungi, collectively called the gut microbiota.  By far the majority are bacteria, which number over 2,000 different species.

They Live Rent Free But Are Priceless

Gut microbes are vital in multiple existential bodily functions such as: the digestion of soluble fiber, energy harvestation, vitamin production, nutrient absorption, immune system maturation, & preventing the colonization of pathogenic microbes.

A diverse microbiome is necessary for our health, as numerous studies have connected greater bacterial diversity in the gut to a lower risk of certain diseases.  In a balanced gut microbiota environment, cooperative, symbiotic bacteria keep harmful bacteria in check.

Antibiotics + Hospital Stays = C. diff x Millions

Although antibiotics destroy pathogenic bacteria in times of need, these drugs also indiscriminately kill our beneficial intestinal bacteria.  The use of antibiotics also leads to an increase in the replicating reservoir of antibiotic-resistant genes that live in the gut.

The lasting effects of antibiotics on our decreased intestinal microbiota also consequently provide an opportunity for existing low numbered, harmful bacteria to flourish & establish pathogenic colonies in our gut, including Clostridium difficile.

These disease causing colonies get a huge antibiotic window of opportunity to establish well-rooted communities during the months that it takes the average person to rebuild their microbial gut population back up, now containing less diversity than before & a much higher pathogenic to beneficial ratio.

A few months may seem like not very long for us, but it is thousands & thousands of lifetimes for bacteria, & C. difficile in itself can lead to a perturbation in the gut microflora.

This is often the start of a downward health spiral for too many.  Once someone gets on the “health care”/disease management system, it is very difficult to get off, even though this will feel like an anchor for many for the rest of their lives.

C. difficile Ravages Our Insides & Our Healthcare Costs

Just in the United States there are about 450,000 cases of C. difficile every year & its devastating diarrhea, resulting in 29,000 deaths, plus tens of thousands of upturned & bankrupt lives.

Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) are the main cause of diarrhea in Europe as well, causing between 15,000 & 30,000 deaths annually.  Having a chronically weakened immune system, &/or an antibiotic treatment, or taking PPI medications are the three main ways to develop CDI.

Oral capsules for the administration of an FMT have been shown by Harvard University among many to be over 90% successful & safe in treating C. difficile.  But, they stress that FMT use has been limited by practical barriers.  Here’s how those barriers have been removed:

C. difficile will cause diarrhea & abdominal cramping, but severe cases can lead to inflammation, bleeding, & even serious swelling of the colon that could cause it to rupture. Not to mention the millions of non-degradable adult diapers drenched with diseased dumps that are added to our dumps every year just from this single bacterium.

Even though medical experiments in written form are boring incarnate to most readers, using natural methods to cure a current plague of modern medicine could not be simpler to understand:

Simple Study Shows Sane Solution

In one typical study, researchers gave 42 people suffering from C. difficile & chronic diarrhea one of the following treatment regimens:

  • Group A =  Antibiotic
  • Group B =  Antibiotic  +  Bowel Flush
  • Group C =  Antibiotic  +  Bowel Flush  +  FMT

After transplantation, the recipients’ bacterial diversity resembled that of their healthier donors, with an increase in beneficial bacteria & a decrease in harmful bacteria.  Other studies have achieved similar results, with an average overall cure rate of between 90 – 93%.

After 10 weeks, 9 of 13 participants who received the antibiotic alone experienced a recurrence of C. diff.  Those who received both the antibiotic & bowel flush & thereby had more microbiome removed & received no probiotic replacement fared a bit worse, with 10 of 13 having a recurrence.

However, the probiotic fecal transplant treatment healed 13 of 16 participants who received it, & a second transplant cured two of the remaining three, so 15 of 16 cured.

Passable Poop vs. Preemo Panacea

Please keep in mind, with only one exception, all FMT websites, clinics, & providers are only using a check or no check system, like blood donor clinics: either you can or can’t donate.  So, all of the test results in studies being done are 99.9% performed using only typical stool donors, & the FMT being studied are just made from “passable” donations.

Recent advances in mass micro-testing have increased to the point where we now know that today’s society has very, very few fecal super donors, scattered around the world.  These people have gut microbiomes that are on an entirely different level than everyone else.

There is one FMT oral capsule that has taken the donations of one of the world’s few proven probiotic super donors & combined it with the easiest administration method, along with the natural preserving qualities of vacuum chamber freeze drying.  Plus, these FMT capsules have the highest microbiota ever tested, all guaranteed & with the test results to back up these claims.

How Thousands of People Can Save Millions of Dollars & Themselves

There are literally thousands of people every month getting someone else’s poop up their butt to save their life.  To re-seed your entire 30 foot (10 meter) long digestive track ecosystem, make sure that you use the best starter culture you can find, with an oral administration method, rather than paying a doctor to “deposit” a donation in our out door.

Whatever reseeding probiotic we take after finishing an antibiotic will flourish inside & become 3% of our body mass, as well as the foundation of our (hopefully new!) immune system.  Otherwise, if we don’t purposely reseed, then it still occurs, now using whatever microorganisms happen to be around us at the time.

Don’t allow your health to be left up to chance.  There is a reseeding culture that lasts decades, potently sitting there just in case you ever need it.  If we could see our gut ecosystem, we would not just fill it with any random microbes.

Almost anyone who hasn’t taken an antibiotic in the last month seems to be “acceptable” for a gut bacteria donation for someone dying of a pan resistant C. difficile infection.  Don’t just stumble barely alive across the finish line.  These super donor FMT capsules will ensure that you replicate the BEST inner ecosystem possible!

Lasting Health Insurance Against the Ravages of Antibiotics

Don’t let your FMT, or that of a loved one, be left up to chance.  This cheap health insurance will last you decades, there just in case you or any one you know needs a gut reseeding; after an unexpected C-section birth, or a serious illness, accident or injury that requires antibiotics.

The FMT administration window is very short, ideally 36 – 48 hours after finishing a round of antibiotics, or immediately after a caesarian infant’s first breath.

These easy-to-take, oral FMT capsules (aka. probiotic “poop pills”, or human microbiota transplant) are guaranteed the highest quality, coming from one of the world’s ONLY true super donor’s extremely healthy fecal stool donations, 100% naturally preserved & freeze dried.

This FMT probiotic has tested amazingly potent & will for decades to come!  Mailed to you & easily self-administered in the privacy of your own home to treat the growing list of conditions that immensely benefit from a healthy gut.

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