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The most common question from the thousands of people annually who get their gut microbiome re-seeded using healthy donor FMT (fecal microbiota transplant), aka. poop pills, is what changes they can make to keep the gains they just received, so that they don’t end up back in the same desperate health situation that they were just in.

“Go forth & sin no more”, said after miraculous healings comes to mind.  Meaning, don’t just go back to your old patterns of behavior, or else you’re guaranteed to end up right back in the same place.

This article is not a complete guide to a healthy diet & lifestyle, but contains the basic essential knowledge that will help someone who takes an FMT treatment for health recovery, is wondering how to eat & live differently.

Things We Eat That Are Not Food:  Vegetable & Seed Oils

Don’t kill the messenger, but no healthy food is located in any grocery store except in the organic produce section, plus unpasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar, which is often located in a different isle.  Everything with a list of ingredients is not nutritious, as processing robs food of most nutrients, including vitamins.

The most overlooked disease makers of modern diets are vegetable oils & seed oils.  Today, we eat so much more of these formerly rare types of inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids, they are messing up many of our body’s vital reactions.  These oils combined with added sugar & toxic white sandpaper salt, are the foundation of all processed food.  They are made so oxidized & toxic during processing that they are huge accelerants of disease.

If you must use an oil to cook with, then very expensive, organic, virgin coconut oil is less deadly than all of the oils that are liquid at room temperature.  However, true virgin oil is extremely hard to find, as most “virgin” oils actually contain little or none of it.

Things We Eat That Are Not Food:  Fried, Baked, & Grilled

Anything we eat that’s been fried, baked, or grilled is more cancer than food.  When we heat food up to these high temperatures, tons of carcinogenic compounds are created, like acrylamide.

French fries, potato chips, & baked potatoes regularly test as the most toxic whole foods that we can ingest.  While of course many, many manmade foods are even worse for us.

Also, almost all foods today are fried in the rancid, toxic industrial vegetable oils mentioned earlier.

Raw vs. Cooked Food

Raw food means living food, which contains all of the enzymes necessary to break it down to release its elements, just like everything in nature.  Heating food destroys the sensitive vitamins & enzymatic activity of what was real food, & turns it into dead food, completely devoid of enzymes & most nutrients.

If you must cook food, it’s best steamed, or else boiled, since the structure of water means that it cannot get above 212°F (100°C).  With every degree of heat above that, you are creating more & more carcinogenic compounds, while robbing the body of most nutrients that the food contains.  Try to re-use the boiled water as a soup broth or something, as some nutrients will be lost from boiled food into the water.

Digestive Enzymes

Whenever you do choose to eat cooked, dead food, digestion can be helped by taking a quality broad spectrum digestive enzyme capsule 20 minutes before, or at least at the start of the meal.

Vegan Is Only Healthy Choice for Such a Long Digestive Tract

There are so many good documentaries & books out there on why eating vegan is the only healthy & sustainable choice, so I will just mention a few points not commonly known.

The length of every digestive tract on Earth is in direct relation to the amount of animal ingested by that species for the last millions of years of evolution.  The less fibre that’s been in your species’ diet, the shorter your digestive tract has to be, since flesh putrefies rather than ferments & has no bulk vegetable roughage to help push it through a lengthy, twisted tract.

Total carnivores, like dogs & cats, have a digestive tract equal to about 3x their torso.  Omnivores like pigs have 6x, while humans are tied for the longest ratio ever recorded, with a digestive tract 10x our torso length, approximately 30’ long (10m).

This fact alone means that we are not even close to being an omnivore species, let alone carnivores.  Our bodies & digestive tracts were designed & can only function properly on an alkaline, living food, vegan diet.  Every other dietary choice means that barring an accident, you will die from a chronic, preventable disease.

All mammalian omnivores & carnivores cool themselves by panting, rather than via the pores in their skin.  Pigs & dogs & all animal eaters’ mouths are used to pant themselves cool, while cows, humans, elephants, & other 100% herbivores sweat to cool down.

Water Care

Nature provides a huge, varied bounty of delicious, whole foods.  Yet, it only provides a single beverage.  Anyone interested in health should take note of that.

We are more water than tissue, so priority should be given to your water source.  Tested well water & natural spring water is by far the healthiest to drink.  All other beverages, including bottled water, are harmful to our health.

If you’re stuck with tap water containing the neurotoxins (brain dumbers) inorganic fluoride & chlorine, then the best option is to get reverse osmosis (RO) water from one of the many neighborhood water shops that have popped up in most communities.  If your community is too small to have an RO water store, then most of your neighbors away from the town center will have a well & you can make a deal with them to fill up your weekly water jugs.

Mix pink Himalayan salt & organic apple cider vinegar into every glass of the water you drink.  This is to mimic as closely as possible natural water, which contains dissolved mineral salts, organic compounds, & microorganisms that help make it readily absorbable, which is what counts.

Also, get a cool mist humidifier for at least your bedroom during heating season, if not for your whole house.  Keep a good eye on the filter & ensure that it’s not allowing mold or fungus to grow anywhere on the humidifier, which is much more common with the warm mist models.

Break Fast & Intermittent Fasting

The English language still contains a healthy sign-post of the past.  The word breakfast is a combination of what we’re supposed to do with the first meal of the day; we are supposed to break our fast.  Meaning that every day should begin with a short fast, or abstinence from ingestion.

This is now so well known that it has recently been given a name, Intermittent Fasting, also known as Time Restrictive Eating.  Popular celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel have used it to lose huge amounts of fat, even without making any other dietary changes.  They simply consume all of their daily food within an 8 hour window.

Sunbathing & Vitamin D

Humans need vitamin D from the sun for health.  Unfortunately, there are no good sources of dietary or supplemental vitamin D.

We need to get D the old fashioned way, with safe, nude-as-possible midday sun exposure every other day for 20 – 30 minutes.  Or, 5 – 8 minutes of proper ultraviolet light therapy from a trusted source will stimulate your body to produce enough vitamin D in the half of the year that non-equatorial inhabitants simply cannot produce enough of it, even if naked all day outside in the cold.


We invented gyms, so they cannot be a necessary part of life.  However, our body’s health is not designed for sitting more than 30 minutes total per day.  Staying active & walking mindfully with nothing in our ears or hands, especially out in nature is ideal, as this type of contralateral movement helps our brains, in addition to the exercise.

PPIs, Statins & Antibiotics

PPIs, statin drugs, & antibiotics are highly toxic & acidic medications that drastically harm & destroy our micro-ecosystem.  When an antibiotic is required to save your life, but make sure that 36 hours after finishing a course of antibiotics, you help your gut microbiome to replenish & heal.

Latest Technology Allows Easy Gut Microbiome Treatment

Before freeze dried, enteric oral capsules were invented, thousands of people were forced to find a reasonably healthy “stool donor near me” to get their FMT treatment.  Today, this is where to get stool transplant donor capsules from the highest tested, healthiest gut ever tested; a very rare true gut microbiome super donor.

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